Blue Flower

What you'll need to start making melt and pour:

  • One or more types of the soap base of your choice. A good brand base is preferred over 'hobby type' bases.
  • A flexible mold (silicon is preferred over plastic, for easy removal).
  • Either a microwave and a microwave proof container, or a double boiler.
  • A large kitchen knife.
  • A spoon or other stirring implement.
  • A spray bottle of alcohol (90+% is preferred, the higher percentage the better. 70-80% will do in a pinch).
  • Optional: liquid color, mica, a colorblock system, or a substance like activated charcoal or turmeric for color.
  • Optional: skin safe and soap safe scent oil (fragrance oil or essential oil).
  • Optional: other soap safe additives like skin safe glitter or dried calendula petals.
  • Optional: small mixing containers, for premixing additives like mica and activated charcoal.
  • Optional: pairing knife, for cleaning up edges.
  • Optional: measuring cups, measuring spoon, and/or kitchen scales.
  • Optional: soap cutter. Don't buy a generic wire cutter, those do not work for melt and pour.
  • Optional: pipettes or syringes.
  • Optional: gloves. For sanitary reasons, melted soap is hot, they prevent undiluted coloring or scent oil on your hands.
  • Optional: infrared thermometer. Especially useful when doing swirls or suspension (in a non-suspending base).
  • Optional: packaging materials.


Once you have all your supplies, I suggest you start by reading Melt and pour how-to.