Blue Flower

    1. buy a melt and pour soap base of your choice (I personally love Stephenson African Black Soap Base and Forbury Shea Butter Soap Base).
    2. cut into cubes and melt in microwave or double boiler.
    3. add color (liquid or mica or color block system) and scent oil if you wish.
    4.  add calendula leaves, cornflower leaves, coffee grounds, activated charcoal, classic oatmeal or others from the small(!) list of known-to-work additives if you want.
    5. pour into a mold.
    6.  spray with alcohol to get rid of any bubbles.
    7. leave for 1 or 2 hours (for single molds, longer for a loaf).
    8. unmold.
    9. trim the edges with a paring knife or veggie peeler if you want.
    10. done, you can now use the soap or gift it to someone.


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