Blue Flower

How to make Stained Glass Soap


Step 1:

Make a few bars using different translucent colors.

I used the pretty much standard 6 cavity mold, Stephenson clear ST and Zenicolor colorblock system for mine.


  • Use non-bleeding colors only.
  • Make sure you pour to the same height in every mold.
  • Let the bars set and cool down really well, preferably overnight at least.


Step 2:

Cut up your colored bars into random shapes.


Step 3:

Fill up your mold with the shapes, leaving space all around and between the pieces.



Step 4:

Fill up the mold using black (or other) colored soap.

I used activated charcoal for mine.




  • Again, make sure to use a non-bleeding color for this.
  • Make sure to fill up the mold to exactly the same height as the colored pieces.
  • If after setting the soaps are not exactly flat, or the black overlaps the colors a bit, you can put on gloves and rub the soaps over a wet piece of terrycloth (or other rough cloth) to even them up.